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Gift Box- Zero Sugar Combo of 2

$10.50 (Fixed shipping cost)

A conscientious gift your friends and family are sure to rave about, our company-favorite, Zero Sugar House Chocolate, can be paired with Zero Sugar House White Chocolate, or our Zero Sugar Monumental Spiced Chai.  They will be hand-packaged in our sleek black box on a bed of red crinkle paper and donned with a red ribbon.  Add a personal message at no extra cost.

For those of you new to Stevia and Xylitol, here is the lowdown:

Stevia is made from a plant that is a member of the daisy family.  It is an all-natural sweetener with zero calories, zero carbs and a zero glycemic index value (it doesn't impact blood sugar levels when processed through your body). The stevia in our product is a purified form, known as Stevia SG95.  

Xylitol is a natural, plant derived substance that looks and tastes very similar to sugar but has less than 1/2 of the calories of sugar. It has a low glycemic index as it obsorbes slowly into the blood stream and does not cause a spike like sugar . It is used to sweeten all kinds of chewing gum as it is known to reduce the incidence of tooth decay.  Why isn’t Xylitol the natural sugar substitute of choice?  It’s far more expensive than sugar or artificial sweeteners, and knowledge of the product is limited in the U.S.

Both stevia and xylitol have been popular in Japan and Europe for decades.  Since they are naturally derived, there is no "sugar free" aftertaste and they are excellent natural alternatives.  

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